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Kent Ridge Hill Residences Condo Project Highlights

Project NameKent Ridge Hill Residences
DeveloperOxley Spinel Pte. Ltd.
Address50 – 66 South Buona Vista Road Singapore 118167 – 118175
Showflat LocationSouth Buona Vista Road (Click here for more)
Developer Sales Hotline+6531386808
Est Indicative Selling Price RangeAbove S$ psf (Click here for more)
Tenure99 years leasehold
DescriptionKent Ridge Hill Residences (former Vista Park) at South Buona Vista Road, developed by Oxley Spinel Pte. Ltd. Official information like project details, floor plan, price list and showflat location to be obtained at
No of Units525 units & 68 units of Strata Landed House
Land Size319,250 sq ft

South Buona Vista New Launch by Oxley

Following the acceptance of their bid worth $418 million, Oxley Holdings already have plans which are underway to develop Kent Ridge hill Residences condo from the formerly known Vista Park. The site is located at South Buona Vista road and is yet to undergo massive transformation according to Oxley holdings management.

The individual owners of Kent Ridge Hill Residences (Former Vista Park) condominium came into agreement to sell the property to Oxley Spinel Pte ltd that currently owns the whole of the residence-to-be site.

The upcoming Kent Ridge hill residences will be built on a 319, 250 sq. ft. land and can only be raised to five storey with a plot ratio of 1.4. This translates to a gross floor area measuring approximately 446,951 sq. ft. the size is large enough to accommodate up to 530 units of condo having a standard size of around 800sq ft.

Teakhwa real estate, the brokerage company that sold the land to Oxley, is said to have turned down 5 bids. This came after the land was offered in an en bloc sale in Nov 17, with a price mark of $350 million. The Kent Ridge hill residences price offered by Oxley exceeded the asking price by 19.4% and they eventually managed to acquire the property.

Latest Information Kent Ridge Hill Information As At  Saturday, May 28th 2022 updated, Register to receive the price list and book showflat appointment when ready!

Brief History of Kent Ridge

Kent Ridge Hill Residences Near Kent Ridge Park, Kent Ridge Hill Residence

Kent Ridge, the place where the upcoming Kent Ridge hill residences is to be located, is situated in Pasir Panjang area, found in the southern sides of Queenstown, Singapore. The area is well-known for housing two major parks situated in the Southern Ridges; HortPark and Ridge Park. Sitting adjacent to this adorable residence is National University of Singapore main campus, a top ranking institution worldwide. The school borders with Kent Ridge Hill Residences along the southern part.

Kent Ridge Hill Residences Near Kent Ridge Park

This region currently occupied by Kent Ridge used to be known previously as Pasir Panjang Ridge characterized by lowland evergreen rainforest. In the 19th century, the early settlers in the region grew crops such as pineapple, gambier, and pepper on the Ridge. The area was later used by the British forces as a defense stronghold during WW2. This was featured by destruction of the plants and being abandoned later by the Japanese occupants between 1942 and 1945 making the crops to become wild.

Upon visitation of the Duchess of Kent in the company of her son, known as the Duke of Kent, Sir John Fearns Nicoll, and the then Governor of Singapore unveiled a plague declaring that the place is to be called Kent Ridge in honor of the noble visit. The plague was later set up at the junction where the south Buona vista roads meets Kent Ridge road presently; a neighborhood of the upcoming Kent Ridge Hill Residences. Check out our web here.

Kent Ridge Hill Residences – Overview of District 5 Properties

Kent Ridge Hill Residences Map, Kent Ridge Hill Residences Location

Singapore’s district 5 entails west coast, Pasir Panjang, Dover, Clementi and Buona Vista areas. They are prominent choices when it comes to residence due to their strategic locations near core central region. Why is district 5 perfect for residents looking for a place to make their home? It has various local amenities such as gyms, parks, business premises, and restaurants which makes life there a little easier since it has much to offer.

Although Clementi is mostly made of HBD flats, there are several classy condos in Clementi and Pasir Panjang and that you should take into consideration when looking for a home to buy in this beautiful neighborhood. This area is one of the best places to find landed properties if you need them.
To be more precise, the Clementi area has proved to be the most preferred by flat buyers through the remarkable results from the new BTO flats sold in 2015 where each 5-room had nearly 13 applicants even with their premium prices.

What Are The Benefits That Residents Staying In Kent Ridge Hill Residences Will Enjoy?

If you need one of the best place to stay in Singapore, then look no further than Kent Ridge hill residences. It has some of the best features that’s makes the place suitable for  all walks of life!

Here are the top 7 reasons that make Kent Ridge Hill Residences exceptional:

  1. Easy access to amenities

For residents living in Kent Ridge Hill Residences, there are lots of amenities from the Clementi-Pasir Nanjang area. Some of these amenities include West Coast Community Center, Clement Community Center, And Clement Public Library, 24-Hour Fairprice Supermarket in Clementi, Clementi Polytechnic, National University Heart Center, and National University Hospital among others.

  1. Improved Transportation

If you will be staying at Kent Ridge Hill Residences, then you get to enjoy the great transport in the region. The district is perfectly linked by MRT stations such as Pasir Panjang, Clementi, Haw Par Villa, and Buona Vista. Kent Ridge and one north. District 5 is also car friendly and residents’ benefits from the West Coast Highway and Ayer Rajah Expressway.

  1. Access Shopping and Entertainment

Kent Ridge Hill Residences is also served by malls such as Star Vista which offers both shopping and entertainment. There are other shopping centers such as CityVibe, 321 Clementi, Clementi mall, The Star Vista, Rochester mall, west coast plaza, that have developed to serve the residents of Kent Ridge hill residences and surrounding areas better.

  1. Nature and greenery

Residents of Kent Ridge Hill Residences will enjoy the scenery of the surrounding areas and parks such as Kent Ridge, Coast Park, and Hort Park. All of which are easily accessible.

  1. Easy Access to Schools

Residents planning to raise a family at Kent Ridge Hill Residences also have a lot to benefit from the many schools around in the neighborhood. The schools cover all learning levels ranging from kindergarten to tertiary levels.

  1. Access to Many Restaurants

Regardless of the kind of poof that you need, you can never go hungry. Japanese food enthusiasts living in Kent Ridge Hill Residences, in particular, will love the fresh sashimi, sake, ice cream, snacks, Japanese rice, sushi, cooked dishes and more at Fish mart sakuraya found in west plaza.

  1. Access to Recreational Facilities

Everyone needs to keep fit by exercising daily, and if you are a resident at Kent Ridge Hill Residences, you will be lucky to enjoy various facilities such as the Kent Ridge Clementi stadium, Clementi swimming among others.

History, Milestones, and Achievements of Oxley Holdings Limited

Kent Ridge Hill Residences Launch

Oxley holdings group, the developer in charge of Kent Ridge Hill Residences, is a property developing company that was founded in Singapore. They are mainly involved in property development investment and property development I their line of business.

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Ever since it was formed, the company has grown and it now operates both locally and outside Singapore. Its services now span covering twelve countries including Singapore, Vietnam, japan, Australia, Myanmar, china, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Cyprus, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

The group doesn’t specialize on property development such as Kent Ridge Hill Residences only; it also offers consultancy services and property management in Myanmar. In the past, they have worked on industrial, commercial and residential projects. All these property developments solely rely on certain elements such as preferred designs, desired lifestyle features, and prime locations. They have been able to achieve such a huge success due to their understanding of the market and the trends.

In their growth journey, they have worked with reputable local companies as well as international developers. For instance, back in 2013, the company bought 20% stake in Galliard limited which is one of the top property developers in the UK. The company deals with management, hospitality and property development and manages various property developments across south England and London. Oxley also acquired 40% shares in Pindan Group limited which is an integrated project company found in Australia and 15% shares in united engineers an engineering and property development company here in Singapore that was initiated in 1912.

Ever since the creation of Oxley, the strong team comprising of experts have managed to work on many projects with huge breakthroughs. Their success is utterly attributed to excellence in their service delivery. From what they have done before, you can be sure that your investment in the Kent Ridge Hill Residences is worth your resources.

Here are some of the projects they have worked on in Singapore:

  • Riverfront Residences
  • Affinity At Serangoon
  • Sea Pavilion Residences
  • Sixteen35 Residences
  • The Verandah Residences
  • Oxley Tower
  • The Flow

Follow this link to find out more about these and much more projects from the company developing Kent Ridge Hill Residences:

Amenities Around Kent Ridge Hill Residences

Kent Ridge Hill Residences Near Pasir Panjang MRT

Kent Ridge Hill Residences Near Pasir Panjang MRT

Schools Around Kent Ridge Hill Residences

Kent Ridge, is a famous residential area in Singapore due to various factors. A notable factors is its close proximity to various schools which makes access to learning facilities pretty easier for people leaving in Kent Ridge Hill Residences.

So, if you are planning on living here, here are some of the schools around Kent Ridge Hill Residences condominium that you could make use of:

  • The primary schools include; Fairfield Methodist School (Primary and Secondary), Pei Tong Primary School.
  • The secondary schools include; NUS High School of Mathematics and Science, Nan Hua High School, Waseda Shibuya Senior High School, International Community School, United World College of South East Asia – Dover Campus, Dover Court International School
  • The tertiary institutions include; The Japanese School Clementi Campus, Yale-NUS College, National University of Singapore, ,University Scholars Program, Singapore Institute of Technology, National University of Singapore, Chinese Junior College, Singapore Polytechnic, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), Tanglin Trust School , INSEAD Asia Campus, The School of Science and Technology.

There are also several day care centers, play schools and kindergarten Kent Ridge Hill Residences as well. This means that regardless of the age of your child accessing education is easy.

Benefits of the Nearby Shopping Centers to Residents of Kent Ridge Hill Residences

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Kent Ridge Hill Residences Near-Vivo-City 10 Mins Drive

Kent Ridge Hill Residences South Buona Vista, is well situated to allow the residents to benefit from the shopping points around the area. There are many shopping centers which gives you wide alternatives to choose from meaning that you can never run out of supplies.

What are the advantages of staying near a strategic location likeKent Ridge Hill Residences Pasir Panjang with regards to access to shops? Well, there are lots of benefits to enjoy, here are some of them:

  1. Easy Access to Supplies

Running out of essential goods in your home could be frustrating, right? The situation is even worse if the only place to shop is miles away. But this is not the case at Kent Ridge Hill Residences since there are lots of places where you can get your supplies from. Also, you don’t need to buy lots of goods in advance when you can just take a few minutes’ drive or walk and pick what you need from the shopping center.

  1. Access to Restaurants

Since Kent Ridge Hill Residences is close to shopping centers, accessing food stuff and drinks found in restaurants is easier. So, if you need to spend some quality time with your friends, you can just walk there and enjoy your moments without disturbance from family members.

  1. Less Time Waste

Considering the fact that the shops are not far from your home in Kent Ridge Hill Residences, you won’t waste lots of time travelling to and fro when going for fresh supplies. This makes it easier for you to drive quickly and get your stuff when you have a surprise guest and need to save some time on the road.

With such benefits, life at Kent Ridge Hill Residences is enjoyable as compared to some other paces located far away from shopping centers.

Which Are Some Of The Biggest Malls Near Kent Ridge Hill Residences?

Kent Ridge Hill Residences Near-Vivo-City 10 Mins Drive

  1. The Star Vista Mall

This mall is part of a large 15-storey mixed development that will give you an impression of a high class mall on first sight. It is packed with high quality restaurants which makes it attract lots of people living in areas around Kent Ridge hill residences. The mall also a civic and cultural zone attached with a 5,000 seat auditorium alongside entertainment and retail zone.

It is strategically located near Buona Vista MRT interchange; the place is also well linked with two train lines with easy access to expressways and major roads. The mall serves the needs of Kent Ridge Hill Residences and its surroundings.

  1. Clementi Mall

Clementi mall is perfectly connected making it easily accessible. It is has several good features which are appealing to shoppers and characterized with several shops. You will hardly miss anything you need from the range of products that it offers.

If you are staying in Kent Ridge Hill Residences Near West Coast, then you can enjoy from the services which are offered in this mall that are not so common in other places. The convenience is quite satisfactory, and you will be impressed.

  1. Rochester Mall

This is yet another mall that is well situated at the North Buona road with unmatched transportation network. It is designed to create a vibrant retail scene for residents in Kent Ridge Hill Residences and its environs, and it is not a surprise that it draws crowds since their food and activities are exceptional.

At Rochester mall, you will get a remarkable blend of civil, cultural and arts, retail F&B that will appeal to you and your family. With exceeding 30 retail, F&B chains, and supermarkets, you can be sure to get a unique shopping experience during your stay at Kent Ridge Hill Residences condominium.

How Kent Ridge Hill Residences Will Get A Boost from The Master Plan

Pond @ Kentview Park Near Kent Ridge Residences

Kent Ridge Hill Residences Condo Near Kentview Park

Kent Hill Ridge Residences is situated in the South-West Coast of Singapore in the Pasir Panjang area. Although this region of Singapore is known to maintain a low profile property-wise, it is one of the areas endowed with enormous potential. It is among the few areas that enjoy proximity to natural reserves, business parks, research hubs, and the CBD.

The URA’s Master Plan will play a crucial role in the development of the Pasir Panjang area. The long-term strategic land use plan will optimise the use of the limited land resources in this region of Singapore for the benefit of its residents. It will ensure that that the residents of Kent Ridge Hill Residences and it’s neighbouring properties have excellent living spaces that meet the demands of the growing population. The plan focuses on various aspects including public spaces, transport, identity, recreation. Economy and housing among others.

Out of these focuses, it is evident that half of them; public spaces, identity, and recreation are focused on people-centric and intangible aspects of living in the Pasir Panjang area. They aim at boosting the quality of life to allow residents to enjoy the best living which is beyond comfortable living and convenience offered by the strategic location with various upcoming facilities and transportation links.

According to URA’s master plan, the Pasir Panjang Port located in the coastal area is set to be shifted to Tuas once the lease is over by 2027. Furthermore, the rise of Greater Southern Waterfront City along the coast that stretches across to Shenton Way will improve the property value around this area. This means the area will be transformed and investing in this part of Singapore will undoubtedly pay off well in due course.

What makes the Kent Ridge Hill Residences and its neighbouring properties quite attractive? Unlike other areas of Singapore, this estate is less crowded and quieter making it the best place to make your home. Another key factor that adds beauty to this area is it its suitable location at the heart of natural reserves. Also, the new launches under the URA Master Plan that includes an MRT Station to be sited a walking distance from Kent Ridge Hill Residences make the area worth your consideration.

Here are other factors that Kent Ridge Hill Residences will benefit from the URA Master Plan:

  1. Enhanced Transportation Network

An important part of the URA Master Plan is the focus on improvement of the public transportation system in the region. This will allow residents of properties like Kent Ridge Hill Residences to live within 10-minute walk from the MRT Station making movement much easier. With the improvement of connection in this region, prices of homes are set to rise. It will also enable access to properties in this part of Singapore from different nearby employment nodes and the city as well.

Furthermore, the recent completion of the nearby Pasir Panjang and Haw Par Villa MRT stations will boost transportation in the surrounding area. If you prefer to use private means in commuting, then you will appreciate the convenience offered by the West Coast Highway and Ayer Rajah Expressway enabling you to access the CBD easily. Such convenience is set to attract several investors looking forward to better living.

  1. High Capital Appreciation

Pasir Panjang is well known for its ports and the incredible wholesale industry facilities it offers. But with the implementation of the URA plans, expectations are high that the area could soon become Singapore’s favourite address. In fact, it might be the next “waterfront living” belt, thanks to its closeness to a number of west coast amenities like prominent schools, business hubs, and science parks.

From an industry insider’s perspective, Pasir Panjang is a suitable destination for homeowners looking for future capital appreciation. With the establishment of MRT stations in the region alongside development of various properties, the psf in this area is set to rise higher. For potential buyers of properties in this area such as the Kent Ridge Hill Residences, there is a good value appreciation expected in the near future. Due to the scarcity of residential properties in the area and the implementation of the Master Plan, the capital appreciation of properties in Pasir Panjang is anticipated to be above the general inflation trend.

  1. Friendly Community

Kent Ridge Hill Residences will benefit from the friendly community enabling the residents to enjoy the best possible city living. An important factor of city living is the provision of an opportunity for residents to be part of the community be it at the district, local precinct or street level. What is necessary to make this a possibility is a conducive setting. Well, the master plan has this factor catered and is set to happen naturally. Kent Ridge Hill Residences and its surrounding areas will share various public-accessible amenities as childcare centres, bakeries, schools, serene courtyards to playgrounds, plazas, and parks that enable the residents of Kent Ridge Hill Residences to meet, interact and socialise.

  1. Ample Greenery

Pasir Panjang aspires to be a City in a garden offering its residents abundant greenery. Although the area already enjoys green streetscapes, water, and clean air, the master plan will further improve the urban diversity adding greenery to this region. The master plan has strategies in place that will expand the green spaces around this area with new developments to allow the residents to be within 5-10 minutes walk to a public space or a park.

Kent Ride Hill Residences and its surrounding will be among the environmentally friendly places in Singapore. The green mark standards set for Pasir Panjang will enable the area to be more energy-efficient unlike before. These extensive greenery measures will ensure that the residents enjoy the ample greenery and the serenity the area offers.


Developing a vibrant region is one of URA’S major task. It has strategies that will improve the quality of living in the Pasir Panjang area.

With the potential that this area has and the possibilities of what it could become with the implementation of the master plans, any buyer should consider owning a unit in this region. Make Kent Ridge Hill Residences your home into your investment decision today!

Keen In Kent Ridge Hill Residences?

Kent Ridge Hill Residences Near A Park Up To 47 Hectare
The development of Kent Ridge Hill Residences by Oxley is certainly going to be a success based on their previous projects. With the benefits being mentioned above, residents have a lot to benefit since the residence is well situated and with good connections.
If you would like to know what to expect, you can register now and visit the show gallery  when the showflat is ready.

Latest Information Kent Ridge Hill Information As At  Saturday, May 28th 2022 updated, Register to receive the price list and book showflat appointment when ready!